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 Find freedom around food
feel Beautiful in your body
Fall in love with your life


I’m Victoria.

Certified health coach,speaker and educator specialising in food freedom & body image. Mental health and eating disorder advocate. Future naturopath. Dance floor lover.

After recovering from a long-standing eating disorder and exercise obsession, I now help women ditch dieting for good and fall in love with food, their body and their life.

Finally healing my relationship with food and my body has changed my life. So here I am, obsessed with helping women, like you, see the light too. 

I also help parents, teachers and caregivers learn how to prevent disordered eating and negative body-image in young people and teach them how to raise food-loving, body-confident kids.

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Tell Me. Are you...

  • Starving for balance but punishing your body with diets or over-eating?

  • Hungry for freedom but feel trapped by the scales?

  • Craving connection and fun but feel restricted by food guilt and body shame?

  • Confused about all the health and nutrition information you're bombarded with?

  • Desperate for a more balanced, happier way of life? 

  • Wanting to embrace your life and health and find the freedom to eat, and live, on your terms?

  • Ready to say 'OK, SEE YA' to the diet culture that has stolen your time, experiences, dollars and happiness with constant messages saying "Be skinny, but not too skinny. Be curvy, but not too curvy. Be happy, but only if you change your appearance"?

If so, I got you girl.  



Help you find food freedom & Body Acceptance

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over (dieting and body-bashing) and expecting a different result (weight loss and happiness).

Is it any wonder that you feel so confused and frustrated?

Imagine a life where you can comfortably go a day without feeling guilty about your food choices. You can look in the mirror without picking apart your imperfections. You have the time, confidence and energy to focus on non-food or weight-related goals. Travel. Career. Finances. Relationships. Adventures. The good stuff.

It's entirely possible for you. 

You will always have to eat food and you will always live in your body, so if you don't make peace with both – you will never be truly, soul on fire happy and do all of those amazing things that you put off until you look different, are happier or more confident. 

Are you ready to try something different (healing your relationship with food and your body) to achieve a different result (food freedom and body acceptance)?

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A positive body image isn’t thinking your body looks good; It is knowing it IS good regardless of what it looks like.
It isn’t thinking you are beautiful; It is knowing you are more than beautiful.