Imagine being happy being you, just as you are right now.

If you've made it here, chances are you're curious about what your life could look like without all of the rules and restriction. 

Let me paint you are picture...

Imagine a life where:

  • You feel and look like the happiest, healthiest version of yourself

  • You eat without second-guessing your choices

  • You can comfortably go a day without counting calories, macros, numbers on the scale, or dress sizes

  • You look in the mirror without feeling guilt, shame or generally sh*t about yourself

  • You stop comparing yourself to others

  • You let go of all obsession and anxiety around food and your body

  • You have the confidence, mental energy and time to do what you LOVE and what makes you happy

  • You can eat (insert delicious food that we’re programmed to think is ‘bad’ and ‘evil’ therefore we want it all the damn time here) without any guilt

  • You can say no to said food because you don’t feel like it

  • You leave leftovers on your plate because you’re full or just don't want any more (say whaat?)

I see those thoughts running through your head:

But how can I lose weight if I’m not on a diet?
How will I know if I’ve put on weight if I stop using the scales?
I just need to find the right diet for me and then everything will be fine.
But if I lose 5kgs, I’ll have more confidence to go for that job!

You know you can no longer continue living with the guilt, rules, restriction and general shitness of dieting but you’re scared of what life without scales, calorie counting, dieting and rules looks like.

I get it. Trust me. I’ve been where you are right now.

This life is completely possible for you, babe. When I was in the throes of an eating disorder and stuck in the diet mentality, I couldn’t even fathom this being a reality. I tried for YEARS to get off the rollercoaster on my own but it wasn’t until I sought professional help and support that my life changed. It was the game-changer I needed to transform my health and life.

We have been conditioned to believe that we are meant to look a certain way, eat a certain diet, weigh a certain number to be happy, healthy and successful.

I’m here to call bs on that. Who better to know what our bodies need than ourselves?

It takes commitment and time to unpack everything we know, or think we know, about dieting, weight-loss and our bodies (all of which have failed us in the past) and create a new story. It's tough saying no to dieting when we are surrounded by people, media and professionals telling us it's the solution to all of our problems.

That’s where I, and the Taste of Freedom program, come in.

taste of freedom.jpg

During the Taste of Freedom program, I will...

Help you get clear on the beliefs, old stories and habits that are keeping you stuck in the same patterns

Provide you with the strategies and tips that stopped me feeling so crazy around food and about my body

Support you as you realise and work towards your goals (the non-food, fitness or body related ones)

Share how I changed my mindset so that I felt calm about my body and in control around food

Be your biggest cheerleader and provide ongoing support, mentoring, positive vibes and replies to your late-night SOS texts

Challenge you on actions or beliefs that are keeping you playing small and stuck in the hell that is dieting, bingeing and body-hate

Guide you on the journey towards making peace with food and your body.


Other ways to work with me:

  • In-person workshop facilitation for women - a deep dive into making peace with food and their bodies

  • I run and host events for parents, teachers and caregivers teaching them how to raise food-loving, body-confident kids

  • I speak to groups (adults, children, teenagers) about mental health, e.g. anxiety, or eating disorders and body image.